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    man thats nice!!!
    mark poulson
    Dec 27 2009 10:48 PM

    man thats nice!!!

    Never seen a Muskie Jeep, but these both look excellent to me. Great work. pete
    I cannot find the right words to express the talent you have.
    I am worried though about a single aspect. The size. 35 cm and 220 grams is something I have never heard of yet for a lure. Are you going to fish for sharks?
    35 cm is not much for a big hungry pike (at least not a swedish pike)!

    This bait is with out a doubt the best work i have seen for a long long time.

    Best regards Bjorck
    hahah local pikes overhere would get scared if that thing would get in there path :D great job on that swimbait, it must be real bitch to cast that thing all day long.
    Sweet, very nice work ! Awesome bait.
    Thnx guys! I sure enjoyed working on this one, and took my time.
    I have never seen a musky in real life myself! But I figure it must look like this ...lol.
    Havent fished it yet, just a lot of testing and at the moment the lake is frozen..
    Pike are awesome cannibales, especially in springtime, so I look forward to it a lot. Anyways it is sweet to watch it trail the boat..
    That is really cool, a beautiful job!!!

    I hope it swims well for you, getting the weight right can sometimes be tricky.

    Awesome goooood job, Jeep!!!