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3 bream brothers

3 bream brothers

so yeah these are supposed to imitate bream, i hope local pikes will like em and my kid brother too who is getting 1 of those for his birthday :)

    The shading on the scales and elsewhere is outstanding.

    Beautiful work.
    I agree with fatfingers,
    I like to know how you did the scales.............?
    I think the pikes will like them
    thanks guys. the scales are done by a simple stencil that i cut out from just normal fax machine paper first i sprayed a light coat of black and started laying the scales on to it with silver paint that had some pearl pigment mixed to it. i started spraying from the head part and worked my way along the lures body straying each row of scales individually. its actually quite simple, it just takes some time and patience to align the scales just right so that they get that cool 3d effect. it might me a good idea to use something like masking tape at first to keep the stencil in place but once you get a feel to it you can just do it with your thump and keep the stencil in place while doing the scales.
    Spectacular! I want to learn how to do that............I tried once years ago but couldn't figure it out, lol.