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Fatfingers TopDog topwater bait

Fatfingers TopDog topwater bait

23k gold pattern. Weighted (for balance) 8 3/4 inch "walk-the-dog" style bait for muskies, similar to a Zara Spook, but larger.

I used a ghost blue pearl undertone over the whole bait and added micro scaling to the belly. Fun to build. Hope you like it.

    Jan 10 2010 10:09 PM
    Hey Fatfingers , Love the Bait , I really like the gold. I've just finished a spook in kinda like the same pattern , few more colors , No clear coat yet .

    If my baits looked that good I wouldn't let one of them ole toothy muskies within 20 feet of it. Another nice bait fatfingers. :yay:

    Beautiful work again Vince - ever thought of getting a job making lures in Japan???:lol: Very high standard as usual.Pete
    you've got skills! all your baits look like they have alot of time put into them. I love your style.