THIS is the completion of my 3 x3 setstongue.gif . I finished and added the thread fin shad now. I shall call him, Fred Thin Shadyay.gif , and I found this is too much like workyes.gif . The perch took 22 stepsblink.gif . Those are in another post if you are interested. This was my first use ever of a air brush. Used Createx and top coated with the last can of the old and and famous formula of Dick Nite poly, as per Mr. Nite! Keeping the hinges free and loose was a problem. They swim as well or better than the Sebile. Once hooked up and painted they slow sink. A rubber core sinker 12"+ ahead of them gets them down quicker and controllable.

There are three sizes and three patterns, Thread Fin Shad, Kokanee Salmon and Yellow Perch. I made only 36, 4 of each size and pattern, I kept half for me and am selling the best ones in the other half, 18 totalrolleyes.gif .

I will sell two sets each of three sizes of the Kokanee and Perch pattern combined, lures in a set. Also I will sell two sets of the three sizes of the shad, 3 lues in a set. I do not want to break these down and sit a long time of odds and endshuh.gif .

Although they came out painted much better than I imagined I could do, they are not meant as art workwink1.gif . These were built to match the hatch and catch fish. I know they catch Pike! and they swim very very well! The banana bend is the Sebile secret. That causes a serpentine swim and roll. Other shad shaped swim baits swim with a flutter side to side.

Bass and all their finny buddies have no imaginationstartle.gif . They first sense a lure's pressure and vibrations. They don't interpret what they see except for color and size and gross shape. Truly the Sebile and knock offs like this are a new inovation and are introducing a new action and concept to hard baits.

How should I price my surplushmm.gif , how much should I and can I sell them for on a fishing forum? Which forum, any suggestions? Do buyers expect perfect custom finishes or can they be priced for a good representation, as they are?

I will never do this againnono.gif . After they are gone if I find no application of the air brush to painting soft baits for swim bait making, it too, the whole $350 kit goes out the door to a lucky buyerweep.gif .

Well, my TU buds and friends, your critique is appreciatedworship.gif. Tell me...


P. Pike

PS; Where did all these funny little yellow guys come from?yeah.gif

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