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Another shallow one

Another shallow one

Another 4" surface lure, made from some 'Mango" wood a guy sent me - so if anyone has a Mango tree around there (maybe Florida) I highly recommend it. This lure is intended to be just sub-surface, is weighted neutral (in salt) and weighs about 16Gm's (1/2oz)

    Nice Lookin' Pete. Great work on the details, eyes, gills and color.
    Is the action walk-the-dog?

    – bob
    mark poulson
    Jan 13 2010 04:04 PM
    You are good.
    Great lure.
    Thanks Mark/Bob -
    Bob the action is a very subtle side to side rocking motion similar to a small Rapala CD - I have not fished this one yet but the last one I made ran at about 1-2 feet.
    By the way !! My friend has corrected me, saying this one is made from a Avacardo tree not Mango - not only good to eat they can be used to make a lure as well.
    I have been mistakenly telling anyone that will listen, how good this "Mango" wood is:blink:- what a D/Head.Pete
    Nice profile, beautiful detail on the sides and the head, especially the gills, and excellent eyes.

    Great stuff as usual, Pete.