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Big Shallow Gizzard

Big Shallow Gizzard

This is a big crank for me (I know...a minnow for you muskie guys). 3.5" and bigger all around than a BDS3.

Painted up like a big gizzard.....our lakes have a lot of big gizzard shad certain times of the year - - I made this bait to try to get some of the bigger bass that eat em'.

Sintra body.

    Jan 20 2010 12:26 AM
    Hey String , Always Great To See Your Work .... Mike
    Stringjam you're on a roll! Recently you've posted quite a few sweet looking baits. Id throw this one all day long in Wisconsin Waters with positive results Im sure! Nice work.

    Sweet lure, I'll bet it has an enticing wide wobble!

    String, your paint makes me feel like a swamp dweller looking up at a hawk flying by. Really neat but hey, you know you ain't never gonna be able to do that yourself. This one is my favorite of all the the Strinjam Specials I've seen so far. Super work.
    I've admired all of your guys' work since I joined this site a few years ago - so I definitely appreciate the kind words! Thanks for the inspiration!