Nude Bait

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I have had a few pruning's of 'Banksia' for a few years and decided it should be dry enough to cut up and see what it was like to make a lure from.

This wood is on the hard side, but dispite the grain was not too bad to work, and is a bit heavy at 12Gr for a 4" lure without the hardware. I might just stick this one in the cupboard. pete

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Same lure as in the "banksia 2" picture, I guess.

I see 2 slots at the place where the gill should be. Can water go thorough them, from beneath? And what tool have you used to make the scoop at the lower part of the head?

With, or without water being able to go through those slots, I think the lure can make enough splash to draw someone's attention on the water ...

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