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I have had a few pruning's of 'Banksia' for a few years and decided it should be dry enough to cut up and see what it was like to make a lure from.

This wood is on the hard side, but despite the grain was not too bad to work, and is a bit heavy at 12Gr for a 4" lure without the hardware. I might just stick this one in the cupboard. pete

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Looks great Pete. Not even going to ask how you did the pattern on it. Probably wouldn't understand if you told me. :huh: Would love to see some different views of it.

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@ hazmail

Very well chosen piece of timber , Pete , ........ the grain pattern looks just great the way that you have separated and glued together again with the harness inbetween !

A pity , that it seems to be a bit too heavy for the purpose , as you've stated ,......... might have tried to cut some "air pouches" internally prior to bonding the halves , filling them with some foam stuff to prevent glue to flow inside ?

great work , ..........greetz , Dieter

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