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5 1/2" wooden swimbait

5 1/2" wooden swimbait

Here is the lure , that I had already described some months ago in a separate thread , it was about inserting Plaster of Paris rivets into the hinge pin bores to seal off the interior of the bores against water sepage .

After a long time I'm finally done with it , I am not the fastest of a lure carver , actually :huh: !

On these actual lures I have first used a new epoxy from a different shop , the stuff comes from a boat building supplier , ........this shop supplies two different epoxy resins with a couple of hardeners optional , so one can influence the curing time of the mixture .
I have chosen the fastest hardener , as I do not utilize a lure rotator , ........I could topcoat 5 to 6 lures with one mixture , and did not have any dripping issues , really cool stuff !

Watch my latest batch swim :

greetz , diemai :yay:

    It looks really good in the water.
    Diemai, all your swimbaits have a perfect action in the water. But I'm worried about a single aspect. Being so tasteful looking, one of the smaller ones could make a big hungry pike just swallow it up into the stomach. In such a case, how would you get the lure back? :rolleyes:
    mark poulson
    Jan 27 2010 10:43 AM
    Great looking lures!
    You've got it down to a science now.
    Don't worry about digging the lures out of a pike's stomach. That's the kind of problem all fishermen want. ;)
    Good luck this spring.
    Thanks a lot guys , ......much appreciated !

    Actually this particular hinge design seems to be best suited for me working with wood(PVC is not available "round the corner" in my area) .

    I am presently working on some more four section baits connected with wire wire eyes(like the smaller baits here) , and these turned out to be a PITA ,.........requiring finacky eye-cleaning after every paint , -and topcoat layer !

    Rofish , I don't see any problem about BIG pike getting gut hooked on those small 95mm swimbaits , ..........I most likely catch small ones :huh: :D :D !

    Rather hoping for some fat perch !

    Thanks again , ...........greetz , Dieter :yay:
    Mar 06 2010 05:12 PM
    I love the puzzle piece type joinery. A really cool idea!