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Albino Shad

Albino Shad

Flatshad profile in Albino Shad pattern with subtle blue pearl overtones along the tail and the belly.
5 1/2 inches long, slightly weighted.

    nice bait what action does it have, similar to shad rap?

    Another beautiful thing Vince, amazing paint, eyes, and finish. Pete
    Beautiful bait . . . super clean!
    Feb 09 2010 11:18 PM
    BOY I WISH I HAD ONE OF THESE.... hmmm... let me go see if Walmart has any for sale... Maybe even Dicks.. NOPE! I wonder if the guy that makes them could loan me one for a 10 years or so.... I guess I shouldnt have made fun of his fingers a few years back...But Im sorry his hands are so UGLY someone had to tell him to hire a proper hand model next time he wants to show off his work on the NET! USE THE MONKEY I SENT YOU VINCE! USE THE MONKEY!!!
    I love this lure. This would be a real fish catcher in the Uk I am sure. Real quality work Posted Image