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This is a 4" 'something' I made from a branch off native tree called 'Banksia', which is pretty exotic and usually only used in wood turning, as it is pretty 'cranky' (unpredictable) and prone to splitting - the grain makes a great feature in furniture.

I cut two equal pieces of 'Banksia' which is a large native family of coastal tree here, I then joined them at the heartwood, thinking I might get an even pattern on both sides of a lure - nature was not that willing to oblige and always has a trick. The top matched up OK but the sides are different, but then when do we see both sides of a lure at the same time??.

This was a nice exercise using something different, the wood was not as hard/soft as I was expecting (very even to sand), and miraculously no splits, pretty heavy though @ 12 Gm for a 10cm lure without hardware - I think I will add the hook hangers and put this one away in the cabinet.

The eyes are something I have been playing with, still a way to go and learning a lot. Pete

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You got me here under false pretences angry.gif. I was expecting some fit Aussie pussy biggrin.gif. All I got was a crankbait. Mind you it is quite sexy laugh.gif

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