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Foiled again ? I think I have told you already something like your foiled lures are masterpieces. Not that the other ones couldn't be looked as so.

There's something about them I cannot decide: is there a netting under the foil, or is the pattern made with some tool?

My vote goes for this one, but consider that I have voted all 3 of them, since I'm a little bit lazy :)

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Thanks guys!

I have to thank Rowhunter and Dino aka Lure Professor for their help with the foil. They told me it's easy to do just take your time etc...my first 10 or so took forever.. and looked horrible .. wrinkles everywhere..threw a bunch in the junk box and gave up 2 years ago.... but once I got the hang of cutting it with the hobby knife and pressing it down with something smooth like the hobby knife handle it actually not that hard if you take your time just like the ROW and Dino said... as for the scale detail I just use the diamond grid handle on my hobby knife tool and press really hard up against the bait to make a imprint. only problem is you hands start to hurt like hell after you foil 2 or 3 baits.

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