The Ott Jig

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The Ott Jig

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A friend told me what he would like to have in a Flipping Jig and asked me if I could make it. I told him I would try.

This is a modified production sparkie jig in a 5/8 oz. weight. It was slow going and I made a few boo boos along the way but JB Weld took care of those. This is the end result and we are satisfied with it.

This mold has been changed and made to accept a Premium 3/0 or 4/0 Mustad Flat Eye, Heavy Wire, Ultra Point, Flipp’un Hook

This mold has been machined to change the placement of the hook in relationship to the body of the jig so that the eye of the hook is partially imbedded in the head of the jig

The hook point has also been placed right up close to the weed guard

A stainless steel screw lock (hand made on Kelly's tool for making consistent screw locks)has been added to the hook shank

Powder coated and hand tied skirt

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Probably for a couple of reasons, you havn't seen this. Niether had I before my friend told me what he wanted. There aren't many jigs out there that utilize this feature. Oldham jigs is one of them. It wasn't an easy task getting it in there. With the wire inserted into the mold, I struggled with getting the lead get down to fill the ball end of the jig. The other thing is, because of the weed guard and the short shank of the hook, it isn't easy to make the three to four twists required for securing the plastic tight to the jig. But it does an excellent job holding the plastics and and I think it's worth the trouble. Not sure how many others feel that way.

The Screw Lock is made of .022 spring tempered stainless wire. you could go with a little smaller diameter wire maybe .018 but it wouln't be nearly as durable. I may give that a try, with it being wrapped around the hook shank, it could only stretch out length wise.

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