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red light in my eyes..some new jerk baits

red light in my eyes..some new jerk baits

so yeah nothing new or too exiting just few more of these phantom look a like's to fill my tackle box. one of those is a suspending one, one sinks pretty fast and one sinks really slowly. if these wont work there is something wrong with the pikes that I've made these :lol:

    Braided Line
    Feb 17 2010 07:35 AM
    Nice to see color schemes .....out side the box. :)
    thanks i always try to do something new or just do something old in a new way, keeps the airbrushing hobby fresh :D
    More great looking baits Solarfall. How about coming to Texas and teaching me how to use an airbrush? :yes:
    hehe rayburn if you can afford my plane ticket from Finland to the states and don't mind taking advices from a 26 year old then why not :D
    Looks great!
    How do you paint that scale pattern?

    hey jeep the method of how i do the scales on my lures is explained in the other pics comment sections :) lol sorry im too lazy today to type the whole process of making them, go and check em out from there.