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Big O type

Big O type

Jelutong, Createx, 4 coats of Brush applied Dicknite's Topcoat...I made this one with homemade screw-eyes instead of my usual wire-thru construction. It has performed great so far thru a half a day of hard cranking in the bathtub---only had to get out my bait knocker once when I hung it in some deep rip-rap. I'll sure be glad when my favorite lake thaws!!!

    Great bait Dean. Really like the color selection. If that "deep rip-rap" happens to be your wife"s loofah sponge you could be in deep doo doo. :P
    Great looking bait. But since it was made by a Lure-Prof, it doesn't surprise many of us, does it?
    I'm puzzled by something you described here. What are "home made screw eyes"? Is it the same stuff as twisted wire eyes, that many of us use (including myself) as an alternative to screw eyes? I ask this because when I saw this expression, an idea struck my head as to how I should try to make "home made screw eyes".
    Yep, homemade twisted wire eyes...I use them sometimes on baits I'm keeping...and there are all kinds of ways to increase their holding power to the point of being the least likely part of your tackle to fail during a battle with heavy fish. Before I glue mine in, I always hit the twists with a file to roughen them up for maximum glue bonding. By inserting the belly hanger towards the tail, Its length can be increased while also being opposite the direction of pull force. I normally glue my line ties down through the lip, and into a ballast hole. It is also easy to bend a bar into one of the wire's tag ends. the wire can also be twisted with loose wraps, allowing the glue to flow throughought the inside of the hanger...etc.

    Rayburn Guy,
    I always remove loofahs, etc, before constructing rock reefs, standing timber, and stump flats, in the bath tub. After all, gotta take care of the wife!
    Great looking crank!!