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threadfin decal

threadfin decal

Tried another decal on this 1/2 oz. Frenzy Rattler. A friend told me I was "cheating", but when your painting skills aren't that great you do what you can with what you have. :P

    Tom in Sweetwater
    Feb 24 2010 06:11 PM
    Looks good, I can't see that it's a decal.
    Will i am new to this site as well as my skill's on this craft i have taken up. But i think you have done a swell job on the shad. And would like to know where you got the decal if you dont mind.
    Thanks Tom. You can believe me when I say it's a decal. No way can I paint like that. :teef:

    Hey hook setter and welcome to TU. The decal was made using an image of a threadfin shad off of the 'net. I use my photo editing program to remove any unwanted parts surrounding the image. The image is then printed onto clear, water slide decal paper using my inkjet printer. It is then given time for the ink to dry. After the ink is dry a clear fixative film is then sprayed over the dry image to waterproof and "fix" the printed image. The shape of the image might have to be manipulated in the photo program depending on the shape of the image and the type of bait your applying it to. I also vary the size of the printed image to fit the size bait it's to be applied to. To apply the image to the bait you just soak it in warm water for a few seconds until the adhesive loosens and then "slide" it onto the bait. It can be moved around a little using small paint brushes if need be. Then it's just a matter of applying your top coat. Dick Nites clear top coat seems to wrinkle the plastic image somewhat due to the solvents in the DN. If your interested and want more info just holler and I'll try to help.

    Looks great! Did you paint the seams?

    Looks great! Did you paint the seams?

    Hey Luke,

    Yep. Had to paint the seams on the back and belly. Best I can tell, applying a decal is going to be a lot like foiling a bait. The hardest part, for me anyway, is manipulating the photo in my photo program so that it matches the lure as closely as possible.

    I can make that bait disappear...just throw that around the weeds in the waters I fish for muskies and VOILA! You'll see a giant green flash and then your drag will go nuts!

    Great job. That is a nice mini-tutorial you provided too.
    Thanks fatfingers. Just sorta stumbled onto the decal thing. Read about putting names on baits with decals and started doing that. Then started thinking that if I could print out decals for names and apply them to baits then why not make decals out of actual fish photos and apply them. Not sure that it would work too well on a crankbait with mulitple contours, but is does OK on flat sided cranks.

    Oct 07 2010 04:38 PM
    Great looking bait Mr. Rayburnguy! Can E-tex be used over the decale? And have you completed any more baits using this technique and a more colorfull fish picture?