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South Texas Cichlid

South Texas Cichlid

This isn't a decal. I actually painted this one. :D The picture of the fish in the middle is a Cichlid found in south Texas rivers. Spots didn't turn out exactly as I wanted. Will make them smaller and a lot more of them if I paint this lure again. Just trying something I haven't done yet.

    That is one outstanding job of duplicating the colors. Excellent paint work.
    Better ask the fish first if they would prefer more spots on the lure.
    I am sure they would all like the lure as it is now. :)
    Thanks guys. Guess I'm never satisfied with anything I do. As soon as the fish tell me they like it I'll be happy though. Even if it's not perfect.

    Tom in Sweetwater
    Feb 26 2010 10:04 AM
    That looks right Ben. Great job on the colors. I think it is going to work just fine in the water, where it counts.
    Feb 26 2010 12:33 PM
    VERY NICE!!!!
    Wow! If those bass are in the mood for a Texas Cichlid, you've got the bait. Great job on color match and details.

    The only thing I see wrong with it is, that it's not tied on the end of my rod and reel. Looks good RG.
    Thanks guys. Funny thing is I'm not 100% certain that Cichlids are an actual forage fish for bass. But since I've seen and heard of bass eating pretty much everything from small turtles to baby ducks, and since they resemble a sunfish in many ways, I'd say they'd probably eat one of these little critters. :yes:

    looks good Ben!! It is probably better to have fewer larger spots just like it is, in order to do its job as a LURE that gives an impression of a Cichlid...exact reproductions have their place in a tacklebox, but I'd say that N is just find the way you have it!