6 3/4 in Stogie Jerk

Redhorse candy pattern with silver pearl scaled belly; weighted; custom homebrew eyes; 6 3/4 inch musky jerkbait.

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Looks good fatfingers. Was looking at fish pics last night and think you pretty much nailed the redhorse. Never seen a bait like that with the line tie on top. Would love to see that action it has. Is it a floater?

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I like it, it's an interesting size...Suick never made anything to compare to that, certainly not their thinner "Bass-size" plastic model, and nothing ever that pretty...and two trebles is plenty! Very fine!


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Thanks, Rayburn. I've not tried the really red redhorse pattern so this was fun. I just finished another jerk bait in a similar pattern, but with more gold undertones. The Stogie Jerk is a bait that you throw and then retrieve by sweeping the rod tip in quick 18 inch jerks. (Muskies like that stuff...they go nuts on it when they hit it). It dives and then on the retrieve it does a sort of subsurface walk-the-dog thing.

Dean, I'll hang a 4/0 or sometimes even a 5/0 on the belly hook. With a musky sized split ring, the belly hook hangs right in the sweet spot on the belly and in the area the muskies almost always strike. Don't know why but they almost never take the bait from the tail.

Thanks for the feedback; I really appreciate it coming from you guys.

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