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"Cuptail" lures

"Cuptail" lures

A rear view of displaying the tail cupping .

greetz , diemai :yay:

    Nice lures! I enjoyed watching the cupped tail work as it dove when you pulled it, and literally popped back up as it floated back up in reverse! I liked the little Oreno-type, as i have caught a ton of fish on Oreno's, both South Bend's originals, and my first homemade lures in all shapes and sizes as a teenager. In fact, I'm just finishing a couple more Oreno's...

    well done!
    Thanks a lot , Dean :worship: ,............ I have also made a few original "Bass Oreno" copies before :yay: !

    How do you furnish the diving plane on your homenade "Oreno" versions ?

    I chuck my blanks at 45° position into the machine vise of my hobby routing machine and utilize a cylindrical router bit of approbiate size to dig down the lipped side of the blank centered from top to bottom .

    That hobby machine is a bit weak and I don't want the router bit to bite into the wood material to tear it or crack it up , so I only take off material bit by bit and go careful with the feed , ...........still the diving planes come out very accurate this way !

    I also cut the diving planes of "Lucky13's" in the same manner , only difference is the position of the router bit against the lure blank !

    greetz , Dieter :yay: