"Rush Tango" knock-offs

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"Rush Tango" knock-offs

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Here is a set of knock-offs after the old "Rush Tango" , said to be the first floating and diving lure in angling history .

Turned these down taking the measurement from two original repaints , that I had received in terms of a lure swap .

Only altered the location of the hooks and also assembled a different kind of line tie compared to the original lure .

Watch them swim(sorry for bad video quality , seemingly my PC can't handle longer clips???) :

greetz , diemai :yay:

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Nice work, my friend. I enjoyed watching the video you made also. The Tango baits seem to run exceptionally well. You've inspired me to try building a few a bit larger for muskies.

Again great work, diemai.

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A nice video diemai, I enjoyed it! I liked the three inch Tango at the end of the video the best. The action of the last tango reminds me alot of my favorite steelhead lure the tadpolly.


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