4" Rush Tango and crankbait

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4" Rush Tango and crankbait

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Another "Rush Tango" knock-off together with a simple deep diving crankbait , also lathe-turned .

All lures are painted with "Revell" modelmaking enamels !

greetz , diemai :yay:

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I really like the "Rush" bait and its colors. It would be easy enough to call the Rush Tango the first real crankbait, as you can tell by looking at any number of diving-bill lures which followed it, and not just the obvious Heddon Tadpolly, Brooks Reefer, or the Lazy Ike, but the metal and plastic-billed floater-divers also. It provides the basis for a real nice crawfish style crankbait, very similar in shape to (what is now) Bill Norman's Bass Magnet lure.

When I was 12 or 13, a mere and very fast 44 years ago, I used to catch a lot of bass on a small Creek Chub Darter that was a very similar color to the bottom lure, minus the blue.

& BTW...I made "the first real crankbait" comment above, before watching your video (which I thoroughly enjoyed), and hearing you make the same observation about the Rush Tango!

Nice work!


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Thanks a lot for your kind words , much appreciated :worship: !

@ Braided Line

.........hope that my "creative juices" would never run dry :lol::lol::lol: !

@ Lure--Prof

Apart from the "Reefer" I am familiar to all the lure models , that you've mentioned !

In fact I am a great fan of those "Lazy Ike" style banana style lures(I had once opened a threat about them in here) , and that spotted color pattern I had also first seen on book pictures of old lures , could have been one these Creek Chub Darters(furnished a few versions of these as well at the beginning of my wood lures carreer so many years ago) .

greetz , diemai :yay:

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