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"Maggots"-first PVC crankbaits

"Maggots"-first PVC crankbaits

My very first crankbaits carved out of PVC decking , named these lures "maggots" due to their segmented body .

They are floaters and during the first bath tub test unpainted and with harness , ballast and lip just stuck in , not glued , they displayed a tight tail wiggle .
They have a small piece of lead sheet glued into their belly slots at about 3rd and 4th segment in the rear , which stabilizes the wiggle and hopefully would improve their casting performance .

greetz , diemai :yay:

    These are awesome. I noticed your lips are pretty thick, Have you noticed much of a diffrence in comparison to thinner lips? Im just interested because i have quite a few sheets i found at the rubbish tip. think its about 3-4mm.
    Cheerio Jaicob.
    Those look great Dieter! I wouldnt mind tossing those around the docks once spring comes in!
    Thanks a lot for your kind words , much appreciated :worship: !

    @ guapote

    I have actually made the lips as thick , as I do not have plenty of thinner lexan in stock and I wanted to save on it !

    The PVC material is extremely buoyant , so even these small lures can handle these oversized lips , with a little ballast in the rear they actually still do float up at about level .
    Would not have assembled sucha thick lip on wooden lures of comparable size for sure .

    Thicker or thinner lips would off course have an effect on a lures action , as they change the balance of the lure due to their different weights , usually 3mm or 4mm thick lips fit for lures 5" plus in length , .........but if I rig the line tie on the lip for a still smaller deep diver , I also like to utilize 3mm lexan for added stability , but in this case I have to choose a very buoyant material(wood) to still achieve sufficient buoancy to be able to trim the lure with ballast .

    @ spoopa

    Nice to hear from you again , Jacob , ...... seems to me , that you have been almost abandoned for a while :) !

    greetz , diemai