"Maggots"-first PVC crankbaits

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A topview of my latest "maggot" lures , .......lips are homemade from 3mm lexan , the eyes are made from the plastic heads of tailors pins , embedded into countersunks furnished with a round "Dremel" router bit .

I've snipped off the pins leaving a few millimetres of their length below the heads to act as stems , just pushed these into the PVC material , finally securing them with a drop of super glue after painting and prior to topcoating .

Lures are brush painted with "Revell" model making enamels , only two colors per each lure , two baits are additionally plated with glitter jelly .

greetz , diemai :yay:

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I can never stop admiring your creativity. If I were a fish, I would surely like to taste these bugs (maggots). They have very attractive colors.

In the other picture I can see the thickness of the lips, and I can compare it with the milimeters on your ruler. It seems to me that the thickness of the material is rather 2 mm or so, not 3 mm as you say it is. Such a thickness would not go together well with a bug which is a little more than 6 cm. So?

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Thanks a lot for your kind words , guys :worship: !

@ rofish

In my job I do workpieces as accurate as up to 3/1000 of a millimetre , I have learned to file as accurate as 3/100 of a millimetre and with the aid of suitable devices and gauges I can just eyeball as accurate as at least 5/100 of a millimetre , .........trust me when I say that the lip is three millimetres thick :yeah: !

Actually I have utilized this thick material , as I still have plenty in stock ,........ my stock of 1 mm and 2 mm lexan gets low , never got my hands onto new stuff !

The PVC material is highly buoyant , so that it can afford to assemble sucha "kinda unproportinal" heavy lip , no problem about that , ....and it is also more stable for bottom bouncing the lure .

Made a video this morning ,....... you can see , that the thick lip doesn't seem to do any harm , with a little weight in the rear the lures still float up about level !

@ VermontPhisher

The body length is approx. 65 millimetres , so roughly 2 3/5" without the lip(actually I haven't measured the total length) .

greetz , Dieter :yay:

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