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Small PVC swimbaits

Small PVC swimbaits

Here are my very first swimbaits made from PVC , 95 mm in length(little less than 4") , three jointed sections with a moving tail fin made from lexan sheet .

Brush painted with "Revell" modelmaking enamels .

Watch them swim : My link

greetz , diemai

    Mar 16 2010 09:54 AM
    Great baits! I really like the carp bait. B)
    pretty cool baits diemai. i especially like the perch bait.
    Thanks a lot for your kind words , guys :worship: , .....much appreciated !

    greetz ,diemai :yay:
    mark poulson
    Aug 26 2010 06:49 AM
    Sorry I've taken so long to check these out.
    They look great!
    What hinge design did you use for the swimbaits?