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Short Fat Square Billed Paulownia cranks

Short Fat Square Billed Paulownia cranks

Did a batch with paulownia, nice because it's very buoyant but also hard enough not to require thru-wiring. Weight is .37 oz including #4 short shank VMC trebles. Loosely based on a RC1.5 but with slightly fatter body.

    Excellent work there Bob, nice paint and finish as well!

    Great job all the way around Bob. (carving, painting, finish, etc.) I love shallow cranks. Especially right after the spawn when the bass hang up on the outside edge of the shallow grass. Shallow cranks are killer.
    Look pretty darn good to me!!
    id hit that... if i was a fish :D
    Mar 22 2010 08:55 AM
    Excellent work Bob!!! Palownia grows here, so I may plat a tree or two this year just to see!
    Good job, buddy.