Purple Haze Plop Plop Gulp

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I have previously overlooked this paint method for lures. It can be tweaked to look like natural patterns. I will have to experiment on dowel wood scraps. This is the first lure I have done with this method I will start clear coating it tomorrow.

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That is one,wild looking color. Would look great on an Easter egg. When you get a bait done with that scheme, post it. Got to look...cool. smile.gif

well it is almost easter isn't it.laugh.gif

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What's the method called to get that look!!! Looks like a lure hendrix would use.

This is a process that the Japanese stumbled upon over 700 years ago called Suminagashi . Traditionally it was used to marble paper products. I studied it for a year here in Vermont. I helped a woman make large prints on fabric in exchange for the know how.

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