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Ol' Blue eye #1

Ol' Blue eye #1

Here's my First Airbrushed Lure, Let me know what you think. Any Ideas on what else I should of done?

    Looks much better than my first attempt !

    @ StrykerLures

    You've achieved a neat scaling on this one :yes: !

    Two things , that I've noticed and that I would change fo future lures , ............a horizontal line tie on a lipped lure disables the possibility of tuning the lure in terms of straight tracking , ..........with this particular lure you would have to bend the metal lip , if the lure should run out of course(these commercial SSt lips are darn rigid to bend) .

    Some glider jerkbaits still have such horizontal line ties to enhance their gliding abilities , these surely do make sense on such baits .

    Second is , that I would not use wood screws with countersunk heads to fix such lips(been there , done that) , .......most likely makes it impossible to set the lip at accurate right angle relating the lure's lengthwise center axis , .............just a little inaccuracy in positioning the pilot holes and the countersunk screw head would push the lip , where it wants it to go to , not where you wish it to be !

    Always take round head screws for this purpose !

    greetz , diemai :yay:
    Mar 29 2010 02:20 AM
    thanks for the comments and hints guys. yeah I hadn't bought the right screw eyes when I had done this one. But not I have them and there lookin' (and moving) better. Anyways keep giving me the Tips and Hints that I need. Thanks guys. - Bryan:D