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Wooden Weight Transfer Minnow

Wooden Weight Transfer Minnow

Been a while since I have time to make anything. This is a start to more I hope.

    Oh here is how it moves, need a clearer pond to film the jerk and slash action though.
    Excellent work as always. The detail in the forward are is outstanding.
    It's very nice to see your work again, it's been a while. I like the weight transfer system , what is the length of this piece?

    Thanks Fatfingers, the forward details are just scratched on foil with a pencil; I cheated this time :)

    It's 10cm 17g Doug.
    Looking good! You were playing it tight with room with that internal harness. I ran into similar issues on some of the internal weights I did last year. (Did you get the house finished or just finally broke down to do a lure?)
    Both not right Trav. I was forced to complete because of the magazine dateline. They actually had to stop press for a week this time LOL. Find me some tungsten beads then maybe I can avoid having such a tight squeeze for the internal harness. Thank goodness for software to avoid finding that out when you have carved it out haha.
    Tungsten is actually popular for weighting pinewood derby cars for cub scouts and they sell them in beads. Here is one quick example I found: http://www.pinewoodp...weight-sets.htm

    Heck, they even sell them on Amazon, but the smallest I have seen are 1mm diameter (if that is small enough)
    Thanks for links SmokeyJ, I did find them online but at my part of the world it's like looking for a 1mm bead in a hay stack :angry:
    Yeah, after I posted that I figured shipping them your way would be cost prohibitive if they would even ship.