8 inch Jointed crank

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8 inch Jointed crank

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Didn't have this color in my box.

Weighted for speed trolling.

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The bait was tested with and without the very slight weighting. There is no noticeable loss of action and it actually seems to perform better as the speed goes up.

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Hey Vince, nice bait/baits

Hey DDL, before you judge you should know something about building cranks....Vince has been building for years and is definitely one of the best around. Making statements like you just made shows your ignorance and lack of taste. I will put any of Vince's baits up against any commercial bait makers...and guess what Vince's will come out on top everytime. It's guys like you that make me not want to post on here anymore.....oh by the way, anybody can build spinners......


you will lost a lot of action.

all the best speed trolling cranks like wiley,leo name it are unweighted

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