Foiled PVC baits

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Foiled PVC baits

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Minnow crankbait scratches 5" , ...........the smaller sinking glider was meant to be worked with the pointed end forward at first(after some lures I had seen in here) , but did not glide sideward at all during first blank test in unpainted condition .

So I've snipped off the original belly hook hanger of the thru-wire harness and mounted a screw eye on other location to be now able to work the lure the "normal" way !

It works fine like this now , darting to either side with a nice glide on a jerking retrive .

"Scale" patterns are embossed into the aluminium tape with a small threaded steel drum(part of a tool for thread rolling onto steel rods that is produced at my work) , that I've got from the scrapyard of my work , lures are brush painted with modelmaking enamels and permanent felt pens .

greetz , diemai :yay:

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