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PVC swimbait "Carp"

PVC swimbait "Carp"

Finally I got done with this larger PVC bait scratching 7" ,......it descends at a medium sink rate and sported a nice action during it's first(unpainted) blank bath tub test , ........still gonna make a video these days , when first testing it outdoors .

Hand painted with modelmaking enamels and permanent felt pens , topcoated with two layers of each acrylic clear , epoxy and modelling dope .

Had some issues with this one , ........it would not work well with the first tail fin of epoxy sheet(similar to circuit board) , the rear hook constantly bound with that larger fin and it also was a bit heavy to get to move nicely , I suppose .

So I had to replace it with this present smaller fin of PVC , and the lure worked fine , .........you may view it's blank condition in my thread "some swimbait construction pictures" !

greetz , diemai :yay: