PVC swimbait "Pike"

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PVC swimbait "Pike"

A 8 1/2" bait of PVC resembling a pike , painted with modelmaking enamels and felt pens , transparent glass eyes with their background painted orange .

The fins are made out od epoxy sheets , ....the lure sank rather slowly at its first blank tests unpainted .

Made it without a lip at first , but I was aware , that it might possibly not work without one , as sucha slender body shape often cannot generate sufficiently powerfull vortices to get the bait to snake well !

And so it did , at first bath tub blank tests only the two or three rear sections would get to move , so I added that lip and afterwards the bit swam just fine !

greetz , diemai :yay:


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Great looking lure! The paint job is really impressive, since I know you don't use an airbrush.

Isn't it time to go out and fish it? ;)

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