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PVC pullbait "Eel"

PVC pullbait "Eel"

A rather experimental lure made after a two sectioned bait by an unknown maker , that I had received through a swap years ago .

You may read more in my thread "some swimbait contruction pictures" , .............the lure is supposed to be retrieved in a "jerk-and-pause" manner , .......at rest it hangs "U" shaped at the surface with head and tail pointing downward( far more pronounced like in this picture) , .....on a jerk int straightens out to dive down with a trembling wiggle of its sections and the tail blade spinning , on a pause it instantly collapses back into its "U"-shape to rise back towards the surface .

So far for the the theory , haven't yet tested it outdoors ,.......I hope , that it would not hook-tangle too much whilst casting !

greetz , diemai :yay:

    Apr 26 2010 06:38 PM
    I like this one alot:lol: How long is it?
    @ Vermont Phisher

    Thanks , .......hope , that it would work out the way , that I've planned , gonna make an outdoor video these days .

    The lure has about 8 1/2" body length , without the stainless steel lip and the tail spinner .

    greetz , Dieter :yay:
    Hi , folks ,

    Just uploaded a little video of my recent swimbaits and this pullbait , you may watch it here :

    greetz , diemai :yay: