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Baby pike jointed

Baby pike jointed

Designed a new body with my friend, here built as a jointed crankbait. But it's a multifunctional body. I can make a lot of differend kind of baits with it. ;)


Don't mind the rubbish around it :lol:


    Jun 09 2010 12:17 AM
    Where did you get the eyes for your bait? The bait is wicked.for this bait?
    Jun 09 2010 04:13 AM
    Simon: Great looking bait, is it molded resin or PVC body? Are you going to add it to Peak Baits seƩlection on Oscars website soon!?

    I look forward to seeing some big Dutch pike attached to it in the photo gallery soon.. if your fishing season is like here in switzerland the pike are just stating to move in to the shallows,and with the warm summer, so far, let the fishing begin!

    Caro: The eyes are Dutch molded eyes from lureparts.nl if I am not mistaken!


    Green-Fingers, you're wrong! those eyes come from america!

    Btw, im the 'friend' simon ment in his post. But the pikes are not going crazy, just cought a few, but the weather it's too warm! Water temperature is rising toward 22-23 degrees celcius!

    But we will post some big pikes cought with this pike!

    grt hugo
    Indeed, the moulded eyes are imported from the USA.

    these baits will not be added in the collection of lureparts.nl but they are custom built on order.
    so any interested people can reach me at: info@peakbaits.nl

    Trophy photos will follow soon!

    tight lines,
    Simon Torenbeek