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Big Jtd. Frog Lure

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175mm solid plastic pour frog lure.. This one goes to my Dad for Fathers Day..


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I like it; I like it a lot. What tools did you use to do the carving. Very good detail work it would seem from the picture. I use a dremel type electric sander for the most part and it works fine for basic shapes but I don't know if I could get the detail you have there with just a dremel. Good work!

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What tools did you use to do the carving..?

Hi Lance, well actually I sat down one evening w/Sculpey clay & did majority of shaping by hand.. I used a marker rearend to make the side membranes, a glass eye to press the eye sockets into shape, & a ink pen tip for nose openings.. Nothing hi-tech at all.. After I fired the clay in my kitchen stove I added more clay here & there to get the back lumpy looking & balance out the sides & belly,again by hand shaping.. If you wet the clay you can shape & smooth w/your fingers nicely.. A few coats of epoxy and it was ready to cast a silicone mold..

I used Smooth-On silcone rubber to cast leg part molds in small pill bottles, the body casted in a plastic pop bottle,.. I pre-cut all the bottles in half, taped together so they would easily come apart.. Before removing tape I I inserted my Exacto blade into the bottle cut along one side only of each mold to create a slip mold once the molds were removed.. Now I can just put a rubber band around each mold & cast my plastic easy as can be.. I made a total of 5 molds, one for body, 4 for the leg parts, so I have a complete lure with each mixing..

To get both legs the same, I made one complete leg from clay, thigh & shin w/foot, made double molds from it to cast both legs.. Its easier than trying to shape 2 complete legs exactly the same from the clay...


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