First Upload

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Having fun with my new camera :D First Upload not first lure. :yay:

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Very nice. That paint scheme really stands out, and the scales are very defined.

Is it a wake bait?

It's just a shallow running jerk bait. That's how I fish it anyway. Sometimes I iradicly fish it like I’m walking the dog with it. The scales are just an exacto diamond handle rolled over a foiled image. I think the thin Dick Nites also helped the scales stand out on this one. But my stock has hardened since then. My first shipment of DN I learned my lesson... don't let ANY drip back in the bottle! Thanks to hammer mechanic for suggesting E-tex spiked with devcon I now use that for my top coat. Seems to defeat the disadvantages of using both independently while retaining the advantages. When it runs out Ill give Nu Lustre a try. : ) But anyway thanks for the compliment!

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