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mark poulson
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I made this lure as a reaction bait. It's PVC, weights 66 grams, slow sink.

I made it yesterday, and primed it. I painted it today, and topcoated it.

I'm fishing it tomorrow.

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Hey Mark,

That's a nice looking bait. Is that the same basic lure as the one on your profile picture? What did you use for the tail? How do you adjust the eye screws in a joint that tight?

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It's a different lure, but the same basic design. The white lure in my profile is 8".

On this one, I used a piece of clear plastic from a tub of guacamole for the tail, instead of the soft plastic tails from Captsully. I sanded it to give it lines in the same direction as the veins, and colored it with sharpies.

I use a screw eye and hinge pin system, so the lure can be disassembled by pushing the pin out, and the screw eyes can be adjusted for the size of the joints. I use bicycle spokes for the hinge pins, because they're thicker than the sst wire I used before, and they're sst, too. The thicker pin lets me drill a larger hole that doesn't drift as badly. Plus, I drill a small pilot hole, starting from both sides and meeting in the middle, first, so, if it doesn't align exactly, I can use the larger bit to straighten the hole as I go.

I fished this lure Sunday, and caught a 3lb largemouth on it!

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