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Majestic Gold Flatshad

Majestic Gold Flatshad

The Flatshad is a bait I designed about 5 years ago. Since then, I've modified it many times, but I keep going back to this model, which is the original because it is such a great producer for muskies. It is specially weighted and runs great and will run very well at higher speeds while trolling.

    Wow again. Wish I had a fraction of your talent.
    The master has done it again.
    Great work Vince, Ultra-Clean!

    That is a great one FF. How does it wobble? I made one very similar and it rolls side to side pretty dramatically. I was just curious how yours does and if it is heavily ballasted.
    Thanks, you guys.

    I'm not sure how to describe the action; all I can tell you is it has a tight wiggle and runs great. It took a lot of experimentation at first.
    Ok thank you. I was just curious. It runs a lot different then mine then, maybe I will try and give mine a bit more of flat sides. The one I made was more rounded, and with that lip angle I think the flat sides give it more resistance to roll.
    Ken The Fin
    Aug 04 2010 12:23 AM
    That is a sharpe color setup on the bait .It would probley work on a bass bait as well . ;)