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This is a bait that didn't rotate long enough on the drying rack, and ended up with a big blob of epoxy on its back. Now I'll have to sand off the blob and re-coat the entire bait. Posted Image Next time I'll leave it on the rack overnight.

    My guess: if you had left the lure long enough on the drying wheel, you would not have solved the blob problem, or at least not completely. Most probably, the blob is there because there was too much epoxy on the lure, and perhaps the epoxy was not brushed on in a uniform coat.
    But does the blob really matter for the fish? I guess not. And if the lure proves to be a "winner", you could tell your friends you have designed the blob on purpose ... :)
    Jul 21 2010 01:47 PM
    Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. Posted Image
    I don't think there was too much epoxy on the lure; it looked fine when I stopped the wheel, but I should have let it turn longer.

    Anyway, I went ahead and cut off the blob. I might have just left it on if it had been in the center of the lures back, but it was set somewhat to the left and so I was afraid that it might affect the lures action.