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Hairy trout 7,5''

Toni Halme
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This bait, the 10 inch you posted, and all of the paint patterns you have displayed are proof that you guys have a unique style and approach to building. Just my opinion, but I am impressed with a number of attributes commonly contained within the baits you post. The foiling is always very, very well done and the paint work includes gently hues and fades that are part of a style which I think is different from our stuff in a number of ways.

I really enjoy seeing your baits.


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I 100% agree to fatfingers , .......your baits are of really outstanding top notch Finnish lure craftmanship ,..... hats off to you :yay: !

I find this "Hairy Trout" lure particulary interesting ,........ I wonder , how this unusual way of joining of the sections would influence the swimming action , .....a real out-of-the-box bait , ....great design :yay::yay: !

greetz , diemai :yay:

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I totaly agree with Fatfingers & diemai. First class construction, superb paint work and totally unique design. I absolutely love this lure. Please continue to showcase your work here please. Well done.

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