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Another version of my probably most favourite pike lure for shallow waters , named "Whirlygig" .

Found this lure in "The Book Of Lures" by Charles K. Fox , New York 1975 , ......this particular one is a larger model scratching 5" .

Hand-painted the "frog" pattern with "Revell" modelmaking enamels .

Watch it swimming at

greetz , diemai :yay:

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Hi Diemai, Great looking lures, nice paint jobs too. Watched your video and I especially liked the Tally Whacker and your Prop Lure. I bet you could catch bass over here on those.


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Thanks a lot , John , ....I guess so , that these lures would be successful on your local bass over there in the US , .......actually the "Tallywhacker" lures were designed for muskie fishing in the North of your country , I just made a little downscaled version here .

Thanks a lot , ......greetz , Dieter :yay:

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Very belated but good stuff Diemai. I was expecting a pike to explode on one of those all the way through the video.



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