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This little dude is also lathe-turned from a broomstick of some sort of tropical lightwood , ......the props are homemade out of 0,5mm stainless steel sheet .

The basic yellow color is brush-painted , the other paints are sprayed on with rattle cans .

Also to be seen(and heard) at

greetz , diemai :yay:

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It's been awhile since I've seen anything you have created. I'm a top water junkie and would throw any of these new baits you have made with confidence.

Also, you are a master with the spray cans. At least you're putting that talent to good use, beats vandalizing the side of a building with graffiti.

Nice work, paint and the props. – bob

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Great bunch of lures Dieter. It's awesome that you build your versions of some of the lures from years gone by. I find it amusing that lures have become so expensive and most of the corporate lure makers are chasing the latest and greatest innovation and try to make fishermen believe their bait will catch more fish than anything on the market. The "old" lures still have their place in angling and still catch fish to this very day. Great job. worship.gifyay.gif

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@ bbduc

Thanks a lot Bob , ........I also like fishing surface lures , as this is the most thrilling way to hook a fish , .....sadly not many waters in my vicinity are suited for it , ........too much boating keeps the fish rather close to bottom , .......best times fishing such lures would be early mornings and late evenings in summer , but I do not have many chances nowadays anymore to be there at these times of day .

@ RayburnGuy

I like those old time lure designs quite a bit and I do not doubt on their catching abilities , ......also they are quite easy to build , as the lure designers of yesteryear did not utilize methods , machinery and tools that much different to the tinkerers gear of nowadays .

again ,.....thanks a lot for your kind words , folks :worship: , .......greetz , Dieter :yay:

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