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Another view...........same lure

Another view...........same lure

This lure has excellent action, lots of fun to fish.

    I don't want to put myself into the elaborate work of making an initial lure and afterwards make molds for casting many clones of resin , ........but I am always amazed of the accuracy and detailing involved , in particular of these joining portions having so little play in the end , .....just awesome to me !

    great work done , ........greetz , diemai :yay:
    Watch this lure swim Diemai and you might change your mind........here is a video clip:

    Aug 09 2010 09:13 PM
    "WoW" That Swims Great , RiverMan , Great work All Around.
    @ Riverman

    Still won't change my mind :unsure: , .......any serial production gets too boring and too elaborate to me , ....I'd rather prefer making new and different lure designs all of the time :D !

    But your bait is just "WOW" :yay: :yay: , ....truly amazing , ......I love that fluent snake action and the way it moves even only on a twitch !

    great bait design , ....thanks for sharing your vid , .......greetz , diemai :yay:
    Thanks Diemai! :D

    Thanks Diemai! :D

    How do you make that joint? Did you carve it from wood, then mold it? Looks killer!