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Trout glider

Trout glider

Basswood 7" trout glider, foiled and photofinish.Tried to finish with rattle can and nearly ruined it (so now I'm going to finally get the airbrush going). Still needs a another clearcoat or two and some screweyes.

    Aug 14 2010 03:20 PM
    Hey Koop

    Nice work, That would have not been good messing that bait up.
    I had a lot of overspray onto the sides, which looked terrible so I tried to wipe some of it off. It ended up looking more like a rough handled fish with missing scales, so I ended up keeping it that way. Sometimes a mistake can lead to a nice surprise.
    mark poulson
    Sep 02 2010 09:58 PM
    My buddy calls them beater trout. Like a stock that has been handled roughly, or a trout that has been thrashed by stripers, but lived.
    Very nice.