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Here is my Frogginstein..haha.. Large surface jerk in green leopard frog pattern.. I also have it in a golden brown leopard posted in the gallery too to check out if ya like..Solid plastic body poured from a series of silicone molds. Owner frog hook, e-tex, glass taxidermy eyes.


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Very nice , indeed !

The swimming action looks and sounds like there were props attached , but I can't figure out by your picture , whether the legs are able to spin or not :? ?

welldone lure , ......greetz , diemai :yay:

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Thanks guys,

the sound all comes from the feet actually.. They catch the water when you jerk it and make major bubbles and noise.. The legs can move in all directions, used interlocking screw eyes, no spin action tho.. The position of the feet are what makes it really work the water..


On this short clip, I think ya can see the action better..maybe..

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