An attempt at making something similiar to the Lazy Ike


This attempt at making the Lazy Ike was made by modifying a 3/4 ounce Do-It spinnerbait mold to accept the blade. The blade and hook are pinned together with a brass pin before being inserted in the mold. I drilled a 1/8 inch hole in the blade directly in front of the pin so that the molten lead would go through the blade and anchor it securely inside the head. (I don't think it will come apart)The hooks are spinnerbait hooks, front hook is a 5/0 rear is a 3/0 They are connected by 17lb test Suffix Line. I poured three of them this morning. One with a concave facing blade and one with a convex facing blade. Also one with a painted blade. Can't wait to get them in the water to see how or if they will wiggle, waggle, rock and roll!


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