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Will they work? Don't know. Will find out soon.

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Thanks Smalljaw, Havn't had time to try them out yet.

I am sure that I will probably work with or change them in some way to get them to wiggle/swim. Will let you know when I find out if they work or not.

The first hook in the lead head was easy, just threaded it on. The second hook, I layed it beside the worm where I wanted it to exit. I then snelled it with a very short length of 17lb test Suffix line. I then inserted the point of the second hook in the worm where the first hook exits and worked the second hook through the worm until I got the point down to its exit spot then I put the snelled loop over the point of the first hook and pulled everything tight.

I also have a very small threader (similiar to a knitting needle or crochet hook but very tiny in diameter) which I use for adding two or three strands of accent colors to skirts which have already been made up. I was also able to slide this through the center of the worm and pull the snelled hook through the center of the worm. Hope this helps.


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