Bluegill crankbait

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Same as the carp.

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Great paint job! What paint, brand? Once again, great looking bait.


I really like this one. It combines colors I wouldn't think of using together into an attractive whole. Nice work!

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@ CatchemCaro, I used Folk-Art (the cheap Wal-Mart paint) for this pattern. The colors went about like this:

1. Yellow base-coat

2. Kelly green on back

3. Nutmeg Brown scales on back faded onto shoulders

4. Black stripes sprayed freehand down sides through scale mesh

5. Blue Iris gill plate sprayed with stencil

6. Hunter green small scales sprayed on gill plate

7. Mixed Cobalt Blue with a drop or two of black until I got the shade I was looking for, and sprayed dark highlight at bottom of gill plate

8. Spray yellow mixed with a few drops of Nutmeg Brown between stripes on sides

9. Black back faded onto shoulders to almost but not quite cover green on back

10. White spots on head where eyes will go (this makes the eyes stand out more)

11. Red stripe on belly

12. Spray "ear" through stencil in two parts, first red, and then black

13. Purple eyes

That's as close as I can remember. I don't think I left anything out, but anyway it'll give you the main outline.


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