Inline hard body baits


Here are some of the inline hardbody baits. There is a hole down the middle of the bait the entire length of the body. You pass a 20 pound flurocarbon leader down the center. A size 2 octopus hook right behind the tail with beads in front followed by a #4 red treble hook trailer. Put beads at the nose with a clevis/blade and a top cap bead. Put a nightcrawler on the back and slow troll it at 1.4 mph close to the bottom. Perch patterns work great in the fall. The walleyes on Lake Erie like smelt also.


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Great lookign baits and love the fish pics too, its always nice to see proof that lures work! What are you making the bodies out of? Are they wood with a hole and plastic tubs inserted? Maybe metal or some kind of plastic?

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The bodies are out of resin. The thru hole is a pain in the but. You have to pull the wire out of the body at just the right time before the resin gets to hard. You have to burnish the inside of the hole so it doesn't damage the fishing line over time. That is done with a smaller pc of wire in a drill.

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