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yellowbelly catfish

yellowbelly catfish

thats what we called them when i was a kid. i guess the right name is black bullhead catfish.
this one came out a little big ( 9" ) so i think i'll do another in the 6" range.
for your info> the whiskers i made from the covering on wiring. the insulation jacket on small appliances works good and low voltage wire has some very small wires in it.

    Sep 24 2010 06:34 PM
    Very nice work JR.
    Really nice job. Very realistic looking. :yay:
    Totally Awesome J.R
    Have been admiring your work for as long as i've been on board.......first written comment.......JR.you are out there!!!!...great detail can't help but be envious. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
    That is amazing. Very nice
    The realistic look of your swimbaits is most amazing :yay: , .......each and every time !

    Absolutely great work :yay: , ......as usual , ....greetz , Dieter :yay:
    WAY TOO KEWL!!! WANNA SEE A PICTURE OF THE BRUISER THAT EATS THAT! On a side note, we used to use 4-6" bullheads on limb lines for Blues and Yellows on the Wabash.
    Jul 25 2014 05:19 PM

    That freaking amazing.